Friday, 21 April 2017

Uma Thurman: president of jury Some Look

The 70th Cannes film festival, which will open on May 17th of this year, will have joy to welcome Uma Thurman as president of the jury of competition Some Look.

In twenty years of career, the American actress Uma Thurman showed her boldness and her taste of risk. Having revealed to the general public at the age by 17 years in " The dangerous Links " of Stephen Frears and «The Adventures of the baron of Münchausen» of Terry Gilliam, she becomes the Muse of Quentin Tarantino across "Pulp Fiction" (Gold palm 1994) and "Kill Bill" (volume 1 and 2), both introducing in the Cannes film festival.

News of Cinema: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Vin Diesel, Channing Tatum, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jean-Claude Van Damme

Clint Eastwood (who is still not retired) already has in mind a new plan. For his next film, the 86-year-old American film-maker is going to adapt work The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story Of A Terrorist, In Train, And Three American Heroes on try d’ attack in Thalys August 21st, 2015 where three American tourists caused to fail a djihadiste who got ready to go to the actual. Filming could begin from this year and, to give a hand the film director of Gran Torino who still did not find title in his plan, we spoon-fed it. Here is the casting four stars of which we thought. Do not thank Clint to us.

Clint Eastwood - WENN

Monday, 17 April 2017

It is sentenced to lifelong Dislikes | Nikolay Sobolev's history of the blogger from Russia

As in 23 years to earn millions on criticism of enemies and hatred of the audience

After visit of the Let Speak talk-show the Petersburger Nikolay Sobolev of all for few months has gained 2,5 million subscribers, having become the most fast-growing blogger in the world. His progress causes envy of colleagues, but also Nikolay, seemingly, never wishes to add fuel to the fire of general hatred. has found out, than Nikolay Sobolev irritates critics and the audience and as he earns millions on general condemnation.

Kittens have played in the best horror films of all times

The Mashable edition has published in Facebook the video in which kittens have played in scenes from the most famous horror films.

Black, red and gray kittens have appeared in an image of the main characters in the movies "Shine", "Texas Slaughter of Beznopily", "Psycho" and "Carrie". Sharp knives, the chiansaw and the burning scene were replaced with a requisite from a cardboard.

Katie Price in pants and a svishota have shamed for a mess

Users of Instagram have reproached the British model and the TV host Katie Price with untidiness for the picture made in own house.

Price has placed in the profile the photo in a frank house dress. The model has settled down on a sofa while her family is busy with chores. The attention of subscribers was drawn by the disorder reigning around Price in a drawing room.

"Bays and a figure, of course, are beautiful, but, Cathie, you wouldn't prevent to be tidied up a little!" — one of users has noticed. "How it is possible to post a photo of a similar mess?" — subscribers in comments under a picture were indignant. The regular reader of a profile Price has noted that the disorder reigns in her house eternally.

Female psychedelia YouTube: Poppy, Lowlife, SemperVictor, grocerybagdottv

In 2014 on YouTube channel Poppy strange videos in which the lovely blonde made not motivated acts under frightening music have begun to appear. Rollers have gained great popularity. We tell about the one who stands behind this project and as it has arisen.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

DANIEL W FLETCHER SS17 & AW17 | New Fashionable Collection


With an inauguration of the president Trump in January and a referendum of the EU last June, last two seasons of men's shows were more with the political background, than someone in recent memory - and during the London Men's Fashion week, for only a few weeks before Great Britain has gone to elections, no designer existed more frank about an exit of Great Britain from the European Union, than Daniel In Fletcher. While podiums were well under way in the main British Municipal center of Fashion in 180 Coast, outside on the street, Fletcher has organized a part meeting, representation of a part in a favor, the EU, with the models dressed in his Spring the Summer collection of 2017 holding posters, or the showing flags of the EU or the announcement over the head "Remains" in capital capital letters of the block. It was the movement of the genius - that which not only has brought together him, great attention from the street already develops photographers there to be enough stylish visitors for a show, but also and to place him separately as a voice for what would be 48 percent.

The Best Sneakers for Summer 2017


Summer is just around the corner, a seasonal shift that calls for some new sneakers—but not just any new sneakers. Now is not the time to break out your fine suede Yeezy Boosts or those limited edition Jordans or the made-in-Italy high-tops you saved up for. Instead, you want kicks that are are more lightweight, breathable, and durable (i.e. you can wear them with or without socks, with shorts, with jeans, or swim trunks if you want). And the good news this summer is that there are plenty of options that not only pair well with your warm weather wardrobe but that are also comfortable as your favorite socks. After all, summer is about letting loose, not obsessing about footwear that's not going to make it past Labor Day (stinky kicks come with sockless feet, after all). That's why we've rounded up shoes that aren't just classics, but in many cases ones updated with things like lighter weight technology and fresh details.